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Have you ever driven past a busy bus stop or train station and noticed that every person waiting there is head down looking into their mobile phones? Not only are they oblivious to the world around them but more often than not they are also oblivious to the bad posture they are displaying. Text neck is becoming a real problem and most of us aren't even aware we've got it. If you look at an X-ray you'll see that the neck actually curves backwards but what chiropractors and other medical professions are seeing more and more of is the reversal of the curve causing a condition called forward head posture. The more your head moves forward from it's normal balanced position the heavier it becomes and this may place more stress on the rest of your body. A common result can be among other things, headaches and neck, shoulder and back pan. And it's not just our phones that are causing these problems. We also need to be mindful of looking down at a computer for prolonged periods, slouching & hunching shoulders while sitting, wearing backpacks and even how heavy those designer handbags are.

Posture and Stress

Our posture and our stress levels also have a direct link. Try sitting in your chair with your shoulders rounded and your head dropped forward. Not only does it restrict your breathing but you feel as grumpy and wrong as you look. Now sit upright with your shoulders pulled back and your head facing forward. Your whole demeanor changes and you immediately feel a shift in your mood overall. So imagine how you would feel after sitting in that hunched position for prolonged periods of time . It cant help but have a negative impact on your well being and stress levels and is very easily avoided.

5 Top Tips To Better Posture

* Don't tilt your head forward to look at your phone. Lift your phone up and move your eyes, not your head.

* Don't slouch. Sit all the way back in your chair. If you're going to be sitting for prolonged periods try putting a small rolled up towel or lumbar cushion behind your back.

* Keep the high heels for special occasions. High heels thrust your spine forward which over arches your back.

* Invest in a good mattress and pillows. Your old soft mattress might feel great but a firm mattress that holds your spines shape is recommended

* Stand tall - pretend you're standing against a wall to measure your height. Tuck your stomach in and pull your shoulders back. The brunt of your weight should be primarily on the balls of your feet.

For more great posture tips and exercises, check out this POST & this POST & this VIDEO & this VIDEO as well.

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If you are concerned with your current posture and possible associated pains, consultation with your local chiropractor may be warranted. Your local chiropractor will provide a full evaluation, look to the underlying causes and provide corrective exercises to help.

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