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Some of my regular clients may recall my ongoing discussion last year about the latest short term exhibition at the Melbourne Museum title "The Gut-Mind Connection". It was a fascinating, interactive & informative exhibit & it even discussed Poo Capsules! One thing that became very evident was the conclusive scientific evidence that indicates that the Western diet is deficient in probiotic bacteria (The GOOD BACTERIA) Research shows this is a common causal factor in rising levels of illness relating to the immune system, digestion health, skin & even mental health!

Deficiencies in probiotic bacteria have been linked to greater risk of severe conditions/illnesses throughout life:

Infants and Children: diarrhoea, Candida, digestive disorders, immune deficiency, vitamin deficiency, allergies, eczema, asthma, dermatitis, and decreased health and vitality.

Teens and Adults: digestive disorders, immune deficiency, vitamin deficiency, fibromyalgia, systemic infections, high cholesterol levels, Candida, cancers, heart disease, and decreased health and vitality.

Elderly: digestive disorders, immune deficiency, vitamin deficiency, systemic infections, high cholesterol levels, bladder infections, cancer, heart disease, and decreased health and vitality.

Facts You Need to Know

Fact: Probiotic bacteria are an essential requirement for proper immune system function, digestive system function, and vitamin production. In other words, sufficiency of probiotic bacteria is essential for the proper health and function of every cell, tissue, and organ in the body.

Fact: Humans and probiotic bacteria require each other for health and vitality – together they form a healthy ecosystem just like soil and bacteria do.

Fact: Probiotic micro-flora represents 90% of the cells contained within the human body!

Fact: Colonization of the human gut with probiotic bacteria begins at birth with the first exposure to the flora of the birth canal – this is a crucial requirement for the proper development of the immune system.

Fact: A deficient probiotic profile of the mother, non-vaginal births, use of antibiotics, and the level of artificial hygiene are known to exert a significantly negative influence on the number and species of microorganisms that colonize the newborn gut.

Fact: Modern human diets, which are deficient in fruit and vegetable fibre, and toxic from dairy, refined sugars, alcohol, and prescription drugs, result in significantly lowered survival rates of probiotic bacteria and significantly higher survival rates of harmful or pathogenic illness-causing bacteria and yeasts.

Fact: Because of modern farming, food processing, and food preparation methods, we now consume less than ONE MILLIONTH the amount of healthy probiotic bacteria required to maintain a healthy intestinal ecosystem. We now also consume many more harmful bacteria due to modern agricultural methods including the widespread use of antibiotics which change the bacteria found in the animal products we consume.

Fact: Deficiencies in healthy probiotic bacteria are linked to deficiencies in immune function and digestive tract function and to decreased overall health and vitality.

Fact: Our human ancestors obtained sufficient amounts of probiotic bacteria from consuming non-sprayed, fresh-picked raw fruits and vegetables grown in organic, probiotic-rich soils and the probiotic-rich flesh and organs of non-domesticated, non-medicated animals.

Fact: The human gut probiotic flora was established BEFORE AGRICULTURE and thus does NOT include bacteria from dairy, goat’s milk, soy, wheat, or corn.

Fact: It is NOT possible to become sufficient in the correct human strains of probiotic bacteria by consuming dairy (yogurt) or goat’s milk or by consuming probiotic strains grown on dairy, goat’s milk, soy, wheat, or corn.

Fact: Daily Supplementation with a multi-strain probiotics plus good fibre & ranging moderate vegetable & fruit intake is an appropriate way to become sufficientin the types of probiotic bacteria that were consumed by our ancestors.

Presented by Dr. Mario R Ferraro - Chiropractor - Wellness Practitioner

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