Wall Angels

Are you feeling a little like Quasimodo? Are you noticing tension across your shoulders and upper back? Do you feel tired and drained towards the end of your day? Are you spending more time on technology than you would like? These are common reasons why someone may come to see a chiropractor. Today I present a simple solution to help ease neck pain, shoulder tension and upper back stiffness while helping to strengthen weak posture areas. The exercises are called "Wall Angels".

Neck Pain relief with chiropractor to Niddrie, Essendon, Caroline Springs, Airport West, Essendon Fields

The Wall Angels are a quick and easy 30 second exercise...

Place your back up against a wall with your legs slightly in front. Keep everything nice and straight and extend your arms up so the they're flat against the wall. Draw your belly button in towards your spine to activate deep core muscles. Raise your arms up slowly keeping your arms flat against the wall and then slowly down. Repeat 10 times.

The second part is to place your back against the wall so that you can't get your hand behind the small of your lower back. Holding that position you repeat the same action - hands flat against the wall raising your arms slowly up and bringing them back down. Repeat 10 times.

You can implement the "Back Rolls" exercise today, but If neck or back pain, headaches or poor posture are bothering you, it is a good idea to have it properly assessed to determine if chiropractic can help. Simply select BOOK ONLINE NOW to schedule an appointment at either our Caroline Springs or Essendon Fields office now.

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Presented by Dr. Mario R Ferraro - Chiropractor & Wellness practitioner.

Available in Caroline Springs & Essendon Fields & servicing the greater community of Moonee Valley & City of Melton

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