My Nutritional Cleanse & Detox

For those who have followed my various health journeys, you would know that I am a fan of "cleanses/detox programs". And while they do attract some negative criticism from various health professionals, I generally will follow the rule of 'don't mock it before you try it'. The detox programs I have completed in the past ranged from 5 - 15 days, so it was about time, under guidance of Nutritionist & Herbalist, Nicole Nicholson, that I tackle the Metagenics Nutritional Cleanse & Detox program. If you want to learn more, read on as I provide a brief summary of my experience.


1st Step - Nicole had me complete a questionnaire developed by Metagenics. The result guided us into which program was best to complete as there are a few options depending on your current health status. My result was the 4 Week Integrative Program.


2nd Step - Nutritional Cleanse Component. Basically I started eliminating items that may be viewed as inflammatory to my liver, kidneys & digestive tract. This meant the obvious of no coffee, alcohol, dairy, wheat / gluten based products. This also included eliminating red meat such as beef & lamb, as well as pork, mince, sausages etc.  Chicken, Turkey & some fish were still allowed. My main diet consisted of vegetables (no potatoes!) green leafy greens & salads, 2 portions of fruit, & eggs.


3rd Step - Detoxification Component - With every meal, I was directed to consume certain Metagenics products/supplements, depending on which phase of the program I was in.  This basically involved powdered Chinese Medicine herb preparations - one was vanilla flavoured & the other was tropical. As well as herbal tablets.  These products aimed to work on different organs to help with the detox phase & get them functioning better.


4th Step - Gradual Return to Normal - Once completed, I was directed (if I wanted!) to slowly reintroduce the foods I had abstained from for the 4 weeks. I closely monitored my body as I consumed things like dairy & wheat to ascertain how my body would respond.



Often times when a patient who has been receiving regular maintenance chiropractic care goes on holiday or stops care for a while & then returns, they often remark "I didn't realise how out of alignment and stiff I was until I got adjusted again!"  I had the same feeling with this detox - I didn't realise how bloating & sluggish I was, until I WASN'T anymore.  I knew from previous experience that was the most common result. However as this program went longer than my past ones, I started to notice an increase in energy, better sleep, started waking before my alarm, had an increase clarity of thought and generally felt lighter. I will stress, I didn't actually lose weight, although I didn't really weight myself during to get a gauge as weight loss was not my intention, and I did keep my usual calorie intake and exercise throughout.  Now that I have completed this program, I can maintain my daily diet with a focus of minimises the foods that I notice my body doesn't favour.  But the coffee is back in!



This article is presented by:



Dr. Mario R Ferraro - Chiropractor & Wellness Practitioner.



Caroline Springs & Essendon Fields



The Information presented in this article is a guide only and does not substitute for health professional consultation.  The contents of this article are a sole opinion and the author makes no guarantee for results.  The author recommends thorough consultation prior to commencing any form of detox / cleanse. Strong consideration should be made prior to eliminating entire food groups from your diet.






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