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Just like Goldilocks, you need to try a bed to know if it's the right one for you. Some might be too firm, others too soft – you need to get one that's just right. And just like the three bears, everyone's different and needs a different type of mattress.

There's no scientific consensus on what makes a good mattress, as we all have different shapes and sizes.

If you are prepared to spend the money I can recommend a mattress that you can take home & try before you buy. A great option when you are parting with big bucks & and want to be sure of you've made the right decision.

Why is the right mattress so important?

While most people need seven to nine hours of sleep a night to perform at their peak, many people are getting by on a lot less than this – but how well? Not getting enough sleep, or good quality sleep, can result in a number of health problems – mostly cognitive impairment such as memory loss, irritability, slower reflexes and an increase in illness and stress, and this can lead to developing related problems further down the track. A good mattress (along with a dark room, comfortable temperature and the right amount of quietness) can help ensure

you're in peak condition by helping you get a good night's sleep.

So how do I choose?

Though there's no one mattress that's sure to please everyone, there are some key considerations to keep in mind when out shopping for your dream bed that will increase the chances of you getting the best mattress for your buck with the least amount of legwork.

Firm or soft?

Contrary to popular opinion, a mattress doesn't have to be firm to be good for your back – there's a difference between firm support and a firm feel.

  • Firm

If you sleep on your stomach, a firm mattress will keep your spine aligned.

  • Medium

Best if you sleep on your back, as it'll provide support for your spine, back and neck while keeping you comfortable.

  • Soft

Great for sleeping on your side because it'll support and contour to your body's curves.

Testing tips:

  • When testing mattresses, make sure the base in the shop is similar to the one you have at home. If you have fixed slats or a hard surface, a soft mattress will feel very different on top of that than the ensemble base it's resting on in the shop.

  • Try to roll over. It will take more effort if the mattress is too soft, and will feel uncomfortable on your hips and shoulders if it's too firm.

Buying tips:

> look for companies that offer 30 day / 60 day or even 100 day trial periods. Often companies that do this strongly believe in their product and would likely have minimal returns but lots of happy customers. The brilliance of this sale tip, is you actually get to properly trial the mattress for enough time to determine if you truly like the mattress

> take your time & do your research on product models and prices - generally, the best time to buy in Australia is around Boxing Day sales & Stock-take sales - but know the price prior to sale to ensure you are getting a great reduced price; if you are not buying at sales time, then try o buy towards the end of the month when Sales People are likely trying to reach their budget and may be desperate and reduce the price to get a sale

> always look to purchase with a 10/15/20 year warranty &/or guarantee

> haggle with the sales person - often 2 free pillows are thrown in!

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The Information presented in this article is a guide only and does not substitute for health professional consultation. Any pain that is of a persistent nature should be thoroughly assessed by your qualified health care practitioner.

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