EASY Tips to Boost Your Immune System During Pregnancy

Improve you immune system during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times during a woman's life & with that excitement comes the ups & downs and worries about any harm that may come to your baby. This is really prevalent during the Winter months when it can seem that everyone around is coughing & spluttering all over you! It is always important to remember that most often, your growing bubba will drain your immune system to keep them healthy so this is why I present the Easy Tips to Boost Your Immune System:


The more physically fit you are, the less likely you are to succumb to the virus's floating in the air. Over my time in practice & even during my 2 pregnancies, I have found women who exercise tend to have more appropriate weight gain, less back pain, decreased gestational diabetes, improved blood pressure control, improvement in immune system response, and even better deliveries! A regular exercise program benefits the cardiovascular system, improves blood flow, flushes toxins, keeps endocrine system working well, circulates antibodies, and reduces stress.


In conjunction with a high quality Pregnancy Supplement (eg Metagenics Pregnancy Care, Bioceuticals Innatal, Blackmore's Pregnancy Gold, etc) in is a good idea to also incorporate the following supplements to help improve your immune system function & help support for a healthy pregnancy:

a. PROBIOTICS - we stock a pregnancy specific probiotic - which are full of the healthy bacteria

b. VITAMIN A - easily found in COD LIVER OIL - it plays a huge role in immune system function

c. VITAMIN D - too often pregnant women are found to be deficient & during Winter it may be difficult to get adequate sunshine. If you are found to be deficient, supplementing with a high quality Vit D &/or Cod Liver Oil is generally recommended


Eat lots of fresh garlic, green leafy vegetables, fresh citrus, and drink lots of water. Fruits and vegetables will increase your immune-fighting ability while still protecting your developing foetus.


Apart from helping to alleviate pregnancy related back pain, chiropractic adjustments & massage can help to keep you relaxed, release stored tension, flush toxins out of your system, and reduce your body's stress response. Living in a chronic state of stress can depress your immune response making you more susceptible to viruses.

This article is presented by:

Dr. Andrea Parisio-Ferraro - Chiropractor & Wellness Practitioner, Special Interest in Care of Infants, Pregnancy & Fertility


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The Information presented in this article is a guide only and does not substitute for health professional consultation. Any symptom that is of a persistent nature should be thoroughly assessed by your qualified health care practitioner.

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