How is your posture right now as you read this?  Are you hunched and crouched over your phone or tablet? Are you rounding your shoulders in front of a PC or laptop?  Are your shoulders relaxed or in your ears? Do you feel tense in your neck or jaw?


Well today I offer a quick 30second remedy for people with rounded, hunched over posture.  Over my years in practice, time & time again, I have people come into my offices complaining of neck pain, back pain & headaches and we have found in most cases the important role 'bad' posture plays in making these problems worse.  We now know that Healthy Posture = Healthy Spines = Healthy Life & this simple exercise is really great if you are currently suffering with those same conditions, or even if you have noticed your posture isn't great and you spend a lot of your time at a desk, in front of a computer or watching Netflix on a tablet.

I call these exercises the BACK BENDS  And it is 1 very simple, easy to do manoeuvre.


Lying flat on your stomach:


1st draw your belly button in towards your spine to activate your deep abdominal muscles and then with your head straight and arms by your side, palms facing the ceiling, begin by extending your neck back, followed by raising your chest off the ground then raising your upper thighs. Hold for 2 seconds then return down. Repeat 10 times


Then on the last one hold for 10 seconds. 

Repeat this once per day, & as you get stronger you can increase the amount of reps & time you hold the exercise. And it is that simple



You can implement the BACK BENDS exercise today, but If lower back pain or poor posture is bothering you, it is a good idea to have it properly assessed to determine if chiropractic can help.  Simply click on the BOOK NOW button to organise your appointment today.





Presented by Dr. Mario R Ferraro - Chiropractor

Available in Essendon Fields & Caroline Springs

Servicing the wider Moonee Valley & City of Melton Community






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