Beat the Winter SADs

I have a confession...I hate Winter & I am fairly sure I am allergic to the cold. And if you are one of my patients that says "I Love Winter" you better watch it! Living in Melbourne we all know what it feels like to suffer from the SAD's“seasonal affective disorder” aka, the winter blues. This time of year is cold, wet, windy & no fun to go out. And for those of us who can't escape to Bali or North Queensland here are some tips to help you get through this winter.

Suffering with the Winter Blues?

1. Get adjusted – Regular chiropractic treatment keeps us moving and functioning at our best. The nervous system is the master controller of the body and when it’s not working well, we can get symptoms from back pain to sleep disturbances. Get your spine and nervous system checked to ensure your brain is communicating well with the rest of the body. Book your appointment HERE

2. Have a massage – regular massage has been found to increase immune function and decrease markers of inflammation. It’s also associated with an increase in oxytocin- our happy hormone, and a decrease in our stress related hormones such as cortisol. Book your appointment HERE

3. Get outside – It may sound counter intuitive, but getting outdoors is a great way to beat the blues. We spend so much of our time inside, especially in the colder months, we become very disconnected from the world around us. Spending time in nature has been shown to improve depression, anxiety, reduce your risk of heart disease and stress.

4. Supplement with Vitamin D – These days a large number of Aussies are deficient in the Sunshine Vitamin. One of the things we miss most in winter is seeing the sun! Did you know, that during a Melbourne winter the UVB rays aren’t strong enough to trigger our bodies production of vitamin D. This is because the city falls below a certain latitude. I recommend you get your levels tested on a regular basis and supplement with a good quality Vitamin D3.

5. Supplement with Omega 3 Fatty Acids - Your brain consists of about 60 percent fat, DHA specifically, so you need a constant input of essential omega-3 fats for your brain to work properly. People with lower blood levels of omega-3s were more likely to have symptoms of depression and a more negative outlook while those with higher blood levels demonstrated the opposite emotional states. Getting your omega 3's from oily fish, & game meats is difficult for most, so ensuring you are using a high quality supplement is the best way to go. Ask me which I recommend - HERE

6. Keep Moving – It’s easy to get off track with our exercise routine as the days get shorter and colder. However research shows that exercise is an effective mood booster and even helps combat depression. It’s great to try and get outdoors but sometimes the weather does not permit. Try an indoor exercise such as yoga, Pilates or swimming in a heated pool

7. Ditch the sugar & Processed Foods – Often when it’s cold outside we make poor dietary choices telling ourselves they are “comfort foods” Studies have linked higher consumption of sugar with increased rates of depression. It weakens our immune system and hinders the bodies ability to deal with stress. So get rid of the white stuff and replace it with seasonal, nourishing foods such as broths, soups, veggie bakes and roast dinners. You will feel better for it and so will your waistline.

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