The "W"hat "T"he Wh"Y" of Posture

Have you ever found yourself hunched over your desk, hours on end, and when moving feel tightness in your upper back or neck. Do you regularly suffer from tension headaches, stiff neck or have shoulders made from 'cement'. Maybe a family member or friend has mentioned they think you 'hunch' too much or have 'bad posture'. Well today I offer a quick 30second remedy for people with rounded, hunched over posture. Over my years in practice, time & time again, I have people come into my offices complaining of neck pain, back pain & headaches and we have found in most cases the important role 'bad' posture plays in making these problems worse. We now know that Healthy Posture = Healthy Spines = Healthy Life & these simple exercises are really great if you are currently suffering with those same conditions, or even if you have noticed your posture isn't great and you spend a lot of your time at a desk, in front of a computer or watching Netflix on a tablet.

I call the exercises the WHAT THE WHY of Posture. And it is 3 very simple, easy to do manoeuvres that you can do pretty much anywhere you find yourself - in front of a desk, on the couch watching Netflix or waiting for a train...

In a standing or sitting position keeping your neck in an upright neutral position:


Tuck your elbows into our body, thumbs point behind your head, with your arms making the letter W, and squeeze your shoulder blades together, holding for 10 secs.

W Postural Exercise


Then extend your arms out from our body, thumbs pointing behind our head once again, your body making the letter T. And once again squeezing the shoulder blades together for 10 secs.

T Postural Exercise


Lastly, your arms go up above your head into the letter Y, and same thing - thumbs point back, squeeze the shoulders blades for 10 secs.

And we are done. It is that simple and easy, 30 seconds, then repeat it throughout your day 3-5 times whenever you can.

Y Postural Exercise

You can implement the WHAT THE WHY exercises today, but If neck or back pain, headaches or poor posture are bothering you, it is a good idea to have it properly assessed to determine if chiropractic can help and that's why I offer a FREE THOROUGH POSTURAL ASSESSMENT at either of my 2 convenient office locations in Caroline Springs and Airport West. Simply head to my Website "" and select the book now tab AND Book Your Free Assessment Today.

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