Meet Dr. Mario - Chiropractor

Dr. Mario R Ferraro






Dr. Mario Ferraro was compelled to study and become a chiropractor after having experienced the health benefits of chiropractic care as a teenager.  Dr. Mario is an experienced chiropractor & specially trained to help you towards greater health & wellness.  He graduated from the 5-year course with high distinction & has since practiced in various locations throughout Victoria.  He provides techniques to help people of all ages, from newborn bubs, to pregnant mums, to athletes of all kinds, tradies and office workers and everyone in between.  Dr. Mario has worked within the fitness & gym environment for 15 years, and also working closely with local football and soccer clubs, and has been the official Chiropractor to FitX now Arnold Classic since 2011. 


Dr. Mario is also one of few in Australia to be a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner offering lifestyle education surrounding Nutrition, Exercise & Emotional Wellbeing.  “Our health is determined by what we eat, how we move and what we think. Our body works better when these things are in balance & chiropractic care forms part of that.”  Dr. Mario is also a certified SD Protocol Practitioner - geared to help those in a chronic stress state.

When not in the office, Mario spends his spare time with his beautiful wife Andrea (also a chiropractor), their children and pugalier Cleo. Mario is an avid sports fan, a vocal, happy Hawthorn supporter, a regular in the gym and a poor golfer (but tries anyways).